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It was a spectacular day on Helmendale Dr. At my house and Gabby was over. We were playing in the basement. We went up stairs and the tornado drill went off! BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! It really hurt my ears. A few seconds later my dog kipper was barking like crazy! WOOF-WOOF-WOOF!. I asked my brother can you pet kipper to calm him down and he said, ”Ok” so then, My mom said, “Why don’t you girls go down stairs” so we went down and nobody came down stairs! So we went up stairs and I said,” Why won’t you come down stairs…there’s a tornado drill And my mom said,” We will be down in a few minutes” So, Then we went back down stairs. And we played for like 20 minutes! And then we came back up stairs. When I saw my mom. And I said, “Why aren't you guys coming down stairs! And my mom said, “I will come down stairs after I finish making diner.” DING-DING went the oven. And then, My mom said,” Look at the ruby red salmon” and I was like I love salmon. Then the TV turned back on! And the salmon was ready. So we sat down and had salmon. The tornado drill went off. That was a bad but good time.