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how do you get atism?
Women and Children's Health Network
Often other people in the family of someone with autism have some developmental problem too.
popal in faileys wen somone gets atism the peal in the famleyget it to.
what dose atism look like?
Women and Children's Health Network
We are all used to the everyday noises that surround us – music, traffic, kids in a classroom, etc. Someone with autism may feel really upset by noise and will try to shut it out of her or his ears.
peole with atismdo not like loud noses.
what does atism mean?
These problems happen when the brain develops differently and has trouble with an important job: making sense of the world
The brain has trouble werking
doews the brain look diffrent?
The brain of a child with autism has an abnormal corpus callosum, amygdala and cerebellum.
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