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Classroom News for June 10, 2013

Important Dates:

June 13: Last day of school, 1/2 day


Our class has had a great year growing as readers and we have been having a few discussions about the importance of continuing to be good readers over the summer. I have encouraged the students to share book titles and their reading experiences with each other over the summer! They can also go on Compass Learning to practice their reading strategies.


Our class worked very hard to create public service announcements about a children's health issue. The students have explored the iMovie app on the iPads to complete this. Most of the projects are now on the wiki for the students to share with you at home. The class has learned a lot about how to motivate and persuade others to understand an issue or concern. They have also learned a lot about asthma, healthy eating, physical fitness, vitamins, allergies, and autism!

The students and I have also discussed how they can continue writing over the summer by using their writing notebook to record exciting experiences.

Word Study:

Monday was our last word study assessment for third grade. I am very impressed with how the students have done with the sorts this year, especially with the extra days of practice for each sort.


Our class did a great job with the geometry unit. The test is coming home tonight for you to sign and for your child to return. This week, we will be working on symmetry and solid figures. Next week, we will be going back to some of the measurement topics like volume and mass. The homework until the end of the year will be Xtra Math and Compass Learning. The students know that they should be going on one of the programs, each night.


The students have been very busy studying insects, these last few days. Last week, we were able to release the butterflies and this week we have many pupas emerging as darkling beetles. Today and tomorrow the science classes will be reviewing and looking over some of the terms from this unit. We will also be working on the darkling beetle project, which will allow the students to create a short video to educate others about the lifecycle of a mealworm.

Social Studies:

Please visit Mrs. Roth's Social Studies wiki page for information about her class. It is located at: http://roth12.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Geographical+Features+Project